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Why Frame Your Sports Memorabilia?

Reading Time: 1 minute Whether it’s the jersey from when your kids were in little league, your old high school jersey, or a signed Pete Rose baseball, sports memorabilia are important keepsakes for many of us. However, all too many people have these important items that they intend to hold on to for a lifetime just sitting in a […]

How to Choose the Right Canvas for Your Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re obviously fans of painting around here, but many beginners find themselves stuck in trying to decide how to start their first “big” project. Maybe you’ve played around with painting for fun on paper, or you’ve taken a few classes, and now you want to create your first piece that will be framed and displayed […]

How to Display Your Wedding Photos

Reading Time: 2 minutes With spring here, it’s a time of year many folks might be considering taking the big leap into marriage, or at least beginning the process of wedding planning. Of course, for us that means thinking about your wedding photos! While getting a nice 8 by 10 to put on a nightstand is always appreciated, there’s […]