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How to Light Your Artwork In Your Home

Few things raise the beauty of your home quite like having artwork hanging on the walls, but hanging your piece is only the first step. In order to get the maximum impact from your art, you need to make sure it is properly lit. For many homes, this is a greater challenge than it seems, […]

The Benefits of Having Art in Your Home

There are many moving pieces when decorating your home, you likely spend a great deal of both time and money selecting your furniture, flooring, lighting, and wall colors. But one thing you may overlook is the key place that art can have in your home. We are fortunate enough to frame a wide variety of […]

What is Custom Framing?

Chances are, you’ve wandered through the home decor aisle in a local department store and noticed their cheap frames and wondered, “Why would I get a custom frame when I can buy a cheap one here?” The reason, of course, is that there’s a world of difference between these low cost and low quality frames […]