Why Frame Your Sports Memorabilia

Whether it’s the jersey from when your kids were in little league, your old high school jersey, or a signed Pete Rose baseball, sports memorabilia are important keepsakes for many of us. However, all too many people have these important items that they intend to hold on to for a lifetime just sitting in a box somewhere. Regardless of how much you care about something, those important items won’t be preserved if they’re left sitting in a cardboard box in a dark attic or shoved into the back of a closet, only to be pulled out every few years when you’re looking for the Christmas decorations or feeling a little nostalgic. 

Properly preserving and displaying your sports memorabilia in a custom frame or display box is crucially important. Not only because it ensures those items will be around for a long time to come, but also makes sure that they can be properly displayed. By coming into ASM Custom Framing, we’re able to preserve these items in a custom display. We cut the frames to match the size of your item. You can even display different items together. For instance, a softball from your child’s first team can be displayed alongside their jersey or a catcher’s mitt, along with a program from an end of season luncheon with the team roster on it. We’ll match these items together and mount them in a professionally displayed arrangement, with the frame and backing color matched to give them the best view. Archival quality design means they’re protected from age and UV damage. 

So if you have treasured items of sports memorabilia you want preserved, check out our framing service today. 

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